Behavioural Audits

Behavioural Audit Case Studies - Success Stories of Dark Patterns Audit Framework Implementation

Explore the success stories of businesses that have undergone behavioural audits using the Dark Patterns Audit Framework (DPAF) in collaboration with CBM Digital and Dr. Stuart Mills. Learn how these companies improved user experience, increased trust, and enhanced their brand reputation by eliminating dark patterns and sludge from their websites.

Company A: Improving User Experience with a Dark Pattern-Free Website

Company A is an online retailer that wanted to enhance the shopping experience for its customers. After conducting a behavioural audit using DPAF, Company A received a comprehensive report outlining the dark patterns and sludge present on their website.

Following the recommendations provided, Company A made significant design and content changes that led to:

  • A more intuitive and user-friendly navigation system
  • Removal of unnecessary upselling tactics during the checkout process
  • Increased customer satisfaction and engagement

Read the full case study for Company A


Read what our clients have to say about our behavioural audit services:

Company B: A Seamless and Enjoyable User Experience

“We were thrilled with the results of our behavioural audit. The report was detailed and easy to understand, and the recommendations were clear and actionable. We were able to implement the suggested changes quickly and easily, resulting in a seamless and enjoyable user experience for our customers.”

Company C: Increased Trust and Brand Reputation

“We wanted to position our brand as a leader in ethical web design and user-centric practices. The behavioural audit helped us identify and eliminate dark patterns and sludge from our website, allowing us to build trust and credibility with our audience.”